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Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd. delivers coffee shop furniture suppliers in dubai and significant value with unprecedented turnaround times, competitive price levels, and superior quality to customers all over the world. We invest heavily in infrastructure, tools, training and our dedicated employees who genuinely care about the products and the people who use them. Adopting value-based positioning strategy, our brands such as ShengYang restaurant furniture have always been known for their high cost-performance ratio offerings. Now we are expanding international markets and confidently bring our brands to the world.

Made of the well-selected raw materials from our reliable long-term suppliers, our dining furniture exporter is of superior quality assurance. Produced by our sophisticated craftsmanship, the product has the advantages of good durability and high economic value, as well as scientific design. By utilizing state-of-the-art production concepts and technologies, we have successfully saved manpower and resources through rational planning, therefore, it is also very competitive in its price.

ShengYang Furniture’s focus has always been in offering customers incredible value for their investment. Most products at ​Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer  have promising application prospect and tremendous market potential. And they outperform many similar products of the domestic and overseas market. All models we present here meet the requirements of standardization and have overcome some defects of old ones. aAA

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2014 Women's World Hot Air Balloon Championships
2014 Women's World Hot Air Balloon Championships
2014 Women's World Hot Air Balloon Championships2014 Women's World Hot Air Balloon Championships was 1st edition of World Hot Air Ballooning Championships for women held in Leszno, Poland from September 8 to September 13, 2014. Total of 16 tasks were held— — — — — —how can you get a house cold without ac?Well, it wo not get cold, but you can help it by opening all doors and windows at night and early morning. Get a big fan that blows the cool air in. If you have a ceiling fan, turn it on since hot air rises. Then after you cool it off in the morning, shut all the windows & doors and close the blinds or drapes to keep the sun out. If you can hang a sun shade outside over the window, that is best. Or you can get insulated window film that cuts the heat coming in. That way you can still see out. If you have high humidity, get a dehumidifier. That will make it SEEM cooler— — — — — —Eye test involving picture of hot air balloon?That was an autorefractor. It measures what power lens you need in your glasses/contacts. The balloon is just something for your eyes to focus on. Autorefractors are not perfect. Your optometrist should follow up with using a phoropter (see my source for a picture). Lazy optometrists often do not bother with this second step.— — — — — —Could you go to space in a hot air balloon?Hot air rises because it is less dense than the surrounding air. It can only rise to the point where the density of the surrounding air matches that of the balloon. It can not get into space, but helium balloons can get very close to it.— — — — — —Hot-air balloon - WikipediaThe burner and fuel system must also be kept clean to ensure safe operation on demand. Damaged fuel hoses need to be replaced. Stuck or leaky valves must be repaired or replaced. The wicker basket may require occasional refinishing or repair. The skids on its bottom may require occasional replacement.— — — — — —why is my house always hot?A big source of heat problems with older homes such as yours is inadequate ventilation in the attic space. It has nothing to do with thicker wood and only some to do with the type of insulation used (if any). I have a rancher that was built in 1953, the windows have been upgraded from single pane to triple. That helped a bit. The attic insulation was upgraded from 6 inches of mineral wool to 18 inches of fiberglass batts. That helped some. I do have central AC, but it seemed to run more than I thought it should. After reading some information one day at the library on the subject, I decided to install some roof vents. Right now the heat in your attic is migrating downward as that is the path of least resistance, thus it is working againts your AC units. The existing ventilation for my house attic space was a rectangle louvered vent at end of the house ( the gable ends ) and each vent measured 18" x 24". That was it. The soffits and roof were not vented in any manner at all. The attic temperature was reading 40 - 50 degrees higher than the temperature inside the house since the only way for heat to escape was through the two small gable vents. Here's what I did or had someone do for me. A siding contractor came out, removed the old soffits and installed new vented soffits. They also removed all the insulation that was setting on top of the soffits and would block the air flow through the new ventilated soffit panels. I installed 2 wind turbines near the ridge line of the roof on the backside of the house. My house is 58 feet long, so I came in 20 feet from each gable to divide the length approx. in thirds. Wind turbines are not dependent on any power source and function regardless of the season or time of day. The turbines work by taking advantage of the fact that hot air rises, by providing an escape point for the hot air through the high point of the roof, the turbines begin to spin as the air escapes. As they spin they draw even more air out by suction. The air going out the turbines is replaced by cooler air being drawn into the attic space through the soffit vents, where at least one side is not in the sun, so that outside air is cooler than what is in the attic space. As the cooler air is drawn inside the attic it picks up heat from the underside of the roof, thus it is moving faster and removing the heat as well. The convection process really does work. Newer homes, built in the 80's and newer, use ridge vents along with soffit vents to accomplish this same thing. I opted to not use the ridge vent as it would have been more work and less beneficial. My house is now cooler, my power usage is running about 22% below two years ago.
Sports Bras Are Being Marketed to Young Girls. Should They Be?
Sarah Schopp had no qualms about buying her daughter a sports bra. And even though her 5-year-old won't technically need one for several more years, it's not hard to find one for her - stores such as Target, Justice, Ivivva and Athleta Girl are selling them in tiny sizes, and they are flying off the shelves.Sports bras are big business. The NPD Group Consumer Tracking Service reported in 2015 that sports bras now make up 20 percent of the $6.3 billion dollars spent on bras in the United States. The group's data indicates the athleisure trend has exploded since 2013, with more women, particularly millennials, choosing sports bras as theireveryday undergarment.Now companies are expanding their inventory to appeal to younger girls, and while some parents balk at the thought of sending their daughter off to first grade wearing a sports bra, many are okay with the trend."I bought my daughter a sports bra from Target," says Schopp, from Toronto. "I don't like the idea of kids wearing a sports bra with shorts to gymnastics, and I don't think it's necessary to show that much skin, but she wanted hers for off-the-shoulder tops, and because her friend's older sister wears one. I thought it was okay for that purpose."Parents saysports bras designed for preteens are not meant for support; rather, they are more comfortable than undershirts in the summer. When girls have to change their shirt at camp, in gym class or on the sports field, a sports bra is practical, rather than sexy. Colorful sports bras with strappy backs are especially popular, and girls are wearing them under sheer, thin or loosefitting tops with large arm holes.Educational psychologist Michele Borba, however, saidthe trend has gone too far. The author of "UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World" has been working with children, educators and parents for more than 30 years. Ten years ago, she warned media audiences that 9was the new 13. Now, with the popularity of sports bras, social media and even makeup for girls, Borba is seeing that trend spiral further downward."Now, 6is the new 9," shesaid in an interview. "Everything is getting filtered down with things like colored lip gloss, sexy bathing suit ads tailored for girls, skimpier Halloween costumes, iPads for infants and looser movie ratings. Childhood is something every kid deserves. Parents might not see the big picture, but it's something you can't regain and you can't rewind. Kids are being pushed to grow up so soon."While there are many practical reasons to buy a young girl a sports bra, Borba wants parents to keep some things in mind while shopping."There's nothing more wonderful than active kids, but what you wear doesn't determine that," she said. "You don't have to wear certain clothes or buy certain brands to develop a healthy lifestyle."From a medical perspective, there is no research that suggests that wearing a sports bra ata young age is dangerous. In fact, some girls may need a bra earlier than most parents might realize."Between 10 and 25 percent of healthy 7- and 8-year-old girls develop breast buds," said Cassandra Kelleher, a pediatric surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.She also points out that heavier girls, African Americans and Hispanic girls tend to develop earlier than Caucasian and Asian girls, making chronological age an inappropriate indicator of when a girl should start wearing a bra."Girls can feel uncomfortable when their breast buds show through clothes, or experience chafing or abrasion when their breast buds rub on clothing during exercise," Kelleher said. She and her colleagues worry about the effect on girls who focus on their body or their appearance at such a young age. For those who develop early, an extra layer of fabric may be a good way to alleviate their concerns.Makers of athletic wear for girls say they are putting out a positive message, regardless of when girls actually need a bra. With 67 stores and showrooms in the United States, Ivivva, Lululemon's brand for girls, has been carrying sports bras since stores opened in 2009. What began with two styles has now expanded to five or six options for girls from sizes 6to 14."Our products serve the function our guests are looking for in life and when they are doing activities. Sports bras are part of that," said Natalie Martz, design director at Ivivva. "It's not about being sexy or looking like their mom. It's about looking age-appropriate and giving girls the coverage they need to be active, focus on their goals and kick that soccer ball as hard as they can."Schopp made sure her daughter knew her sports bra came with rules."I told her she could not wear it just with shorts or on its own to gymnastics," she said. "I made it seem like more of a fashion item, rather then something that is actually used for when you have breasts. She understood and agreed."Erin Silver is a writer and blogger based in Toronto. Visit her at On Parenting on Facebook for more essays, advice and news. You can sign up here for our newsletter. On Parenting can be found might also be interested in:Hey parents, just stop: Overnight camps are cracking down on care packagesYes, I would send my girls to warAre you holding your daughter back? Here are 5 ways to raise girls who are leaders
Three Popular Baby Cot Mattresses 'fail Firmness Safety Tests' Designed to Reduce the Risk of Suffocation and SIDS
Popular baby cot mattresses have failed mattress firmness safety tests that are designed to reduce the risk of suffocation, according to consumer group Choice. Choice is calling for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to make the 'firmness test' mandatory, claiming thatany sleep surface that is too soft could increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The consumer group's testing lab looked at 12 cot mattresses and found products from Childcare, Sealy and Love N Care failed the firmness tests, which have been in place on a voluntary basis since 2013. Safety requirements for cots regarding height and gaps around the mattress are currently mandatory, but the test method set out for 'sleep surfaces test for firmness' is not. The voluntary mattress firmness test is also only in place for mattresses supplied with the cot, not mattresses sold separately. 'With the mandatory Australian Standard for cots set to be reviewed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission this year, it's time to put our kids' safety first and mandate the "firmness test",' CHOICE's head of media Tom Godfrey said. The products Choice says failed their firmness test were the $150 Love N Care Organic Aloe Vera Latex Mattress, the $90Childcare Inner Spring Breathable Mattress and the $250Sealy Baby Cot Mattress Dreamy. Love N Care CEO Terry Elchek told Fairfax Media the company took the CHOICE assessment 'very seriously' but did not agree with it. However the company has sent the product for additional testing. The Childcare Inner Spring manufacturer said its own third-party lab results showed it was up to standard, but it vowed to try to invest in improving its products. Sealy also told Fairfax it had lab testing that showed its mattress had passed the firmness standard, but said it would 'immediately review its cot mattress specifications to address any potential for variation and non-compliance with the standard'. CHOICE advises those who are concerned about a mattress they are currently using to conduct a simple home test that will give a rough indication of the mattress' firmness, found in their guide to buying cot mattresses. CHOICE has initiated a petition calling on safety regulator ACCC to make the 'firmness test' mandatory. The Australian Standard for cots will be reviewed this year.
Discount Home Office Furniture with Traditional Customer Service
Good quality office furniture for the home and small business is essential for productivity and comfort. Leading retailers can provide savings offered by online merchants, as well as the reassurance of traditional customer service. By maintaining physical showroom facilities and a larger presence, the better retailers manage a level of credibility that other discount furniture shops can't offer. Comfortable, well-made office furniture is of great importance for the home study or small business office, and will ultimately affect how well you use these areas. It is estimated that more than 100,000 Americans suffer spinal and muscular injuries in office environments that require days off work every year. Office chairs, desks, and accessories that provide the necessary back, shoulder, neck or wrist support can have a huge impact on productivity. Similarly, thousands of children sustain musculoskeletal injuries every year from prolonged computer usage where the seat and desk height or monitor distance is set incorrectly, which can sometimes lead to more serious injuries later in life. The growth of the web has opened up new ways for retailers to do business by eliminating many of the costly overheads associated with stocking inventory and site maintenance. The ease with which you can set up a simple online shop means that all retailers must face stiff competition in the marketplace, and have to go further to distinguish themselves from rivals. One way leading North Carolina furniture direct retailers have distinguished themselves above amateur operations is in bearing the extra cost of maintaining showrooms and a physical presence. Ordering discount office furniture over the web is always available, but a photograph gives you no indication of how comfortable an office chair might be. Companies that maintain showrooms allow you the opportunity to inspect and try before you think about handing over any money, so you'll know exactly what you're getting. If there are manufacturing defects or poorly made parts, you'll be able to see for yourself. The better discount office furniture vendors will keep experienced staff on hand at their showrooms who can be relied upon for good advice to customers on function and taste. If you are preparing to make purchases in line with a redecorating or renovation effort, you should feel free to bring paint swatches or room plans in to the showroom with you. Showroom staff does these things every day, so they can probably give you some great hints or suggestions for what will match your color-scheme and vogue. While online retail has its advantages, and the low overheads they enjoy is a big advantage for them and their customers, but larger retailers can offer a level of security that they don't compete with. A physical presence is the most important thing a retailer can have to add credibility: Companies who can only provide a PO box and a website and who don't make a customer service phone number easily available should be avoided. Unlike small sellers, large office furniture retailers have longer years of experience, and more resting on their reputation than a small shop. Big discount furniture sellers can't make a few quick, sales before closing up and disappearing forever. If you do have any problems with your purchases, you want to know exactly who to go to and how to find them, allowing you some confidence in "manufacturer warranties". Office furniture direct marketers offer one of the best options for buying good quality discount furniture for your home and business, which is essential to maintain a comfortable, productive workplace. Online shopfronts raise a number of concerns with consumers, however, that include well-founded fears about credit card safety and quality of merchandise. The larger online retailers have more experience in this field, and can provide showrooms, extra staff, customer service, and facilities to increase customers' confidence in their business and product range.
Friends of the Earth: Waste Services in London 'will Not Accept' Compostable Products
Single-use plastic products that claim to be 'compostable' may not be all they seem, according to campaigners.Research from Friends of the Earth, an environmental charity, shows that five authoritiesfor dealing with waste in London (representing 25 boroughs) do not accept compostable packaging.Three of the five waste authoritiessurveyed advised people to throw compostable items into the rubbish, rather than put them into the compost.Emma Priestland, plastics campaigner at Friends of the Earth, explained: "According to advice [from the waste services] you would have to put compostable products in a normal bin."In an ideal situation, it would be placed with food waste," which is allowed to decompose in compostable bin bags.However, the survey carried out shows waste authorities will not allow compostable plastic products such as coffee cups to remain with this waste, and will instead throw it into landfill.In email correspondence seen by the Standard, West London Waste Authority confirmed: "Due to problems with identification and to avoid significant contamination, our advice is to compost suitable products through a home composting system or to dispose them into the residual bin."North London Waste Authority echoed this response and said it did not accept compostable products amongst food waste because "it is difficult for us to identify them from contaminating non-compostable plastics."South London Waste Partnership, Western Riverside Waste Authority and East London Waste Authority also confirmed compostable products were not left with food waste to avoid a risk of "contamination" of the compost.Many of the authorities claimed a lack of communication from manufacturers of compostable products meant it was difficult to sort them correctly.They explained that all compostable products must meet a safety regulation to ensure they can remain with food waste. Whereas food bin bags comply with this standard, waste services appear to be in the dark about whether or not other products are safe to compost.A spokesman for the South London Waste Partnership said: "Retailers and manufacturers who introduce these new products and material may well have good intentions. But they're currently operating in a bubble."They really must start working more closely with the people who collect and treat household waste, to ensure the collection services and treatment infrastructure exist to cope with this new type of material and to handle it correctly."Otherwise, the widespread introduction of compostable plastics will only add complexity to a recycling system that many people already find confusing."Ms Priestland said: "Alternatives to throwaway plastic cups, cutlery and food containers are urgently needed - but compostable products and packaging are not the simple solution that many people think."She echoed the calls for manufacturers to work more closely with waste authorities, and suggested they should be forced to pay more towards the cost of "dealing with the waste they create."Sandwich chain EAT. has said its research has suggested recyclable coffee cups, rather than compostable, will be preferable in future.A spokesman confirmed:"At EAT. we are committed to sustainability and are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint. Having assessed all the options and conducted trials we have concluded that recyclable cups are currently the best option."We have also been encouraged by the increasing number of customers bringing in their own re-usable cups, and we expect this trend to continue." AMT Coffee, which has also started usingcompostable coffee cups, insisted the products can still break down in landfill.A spokeswoman for the coffee chain said: "Our new bio-compostable cups are the best green option available at the moment in the market."Our cups will still breakdown completely even if it ends up in landfill, which we do not have control of with the current waste system in the UK, unlike the regular plastic lined coffee cups used by our competitors. We encourage our customers to dispose of their waste responsibly. "We are always on the look out to improve our environmental impact and at the moment this is the best option available. If this changes and technology advances we will of course review our offering."
What Are Some Cool Things to Use LED Lights For?
Light where you need it, like under cabinets, in closets, and more1. Why wonu2019t any of my LED lights work, even when powered on with new batteries in them?Ulike incadescent lamp LED need some minimum voltage to work.If you ask about LEDs in seria, you need to found where is circuit open, it can be wire or single LED2. Convert my solar charged LED lights to AC?drgforconvertsolarlighttoAC3. Whats wrong with the LED lights i wired in my truck?i assume you have been on the battery end of that fuse or it could have blown. (So up would be ON) top after the battery use an inline 5 amp fuse. The beneficial passes by using the change. The neg is going basically to the neg of the lights furniture4. Is it wise to run 4 led lights at 20mA each to a 9 volt battery without a resistor.I know you can but should u?LED's are current operated devices. In your case you are depending on the internal resistance of the battery to limit the current. This resistance is not a reliable limit since it depends on temperature, condition of the battery and load. This would be considered a very poor design. Here is an idea. Measure the current and include a resistor to achieve the rated current5. Can led lights in video game controllers harm your eyes?No. LED lights do not emit UV rays, which is what WILL damage your eyes. UV light is emitted by the sun and tanning beds. It may cause some eye strain if you are staring at these LED lights in the dark for extensive periods of time, but it will not harm your eyes.6. How to wire LED lights to my subwoofer box?Led Subwoofer Box7. How do you turn off those LED lights on an Alienware computer?Try tracing the wires from the lights and see where they lead. They might hook into the mobo8. How long will a 15 meters strip of LED lights run off a fully charged deep cell battery?A quick run through a spreadsheet: 14.4 w/m 15 m 216 W total 13 Volt system 16.62 Amp draw 23 A/140 0.72 (amp draw/23 value). It is just below 3/4 of 23A 1.38 Inverse function of above (1/x), so a bit over 33% more time 193.8 With 140 minutes, that makes that much run time.9. My 50" Plasma Model number DP50747 Will not come on. No LED lights no nothing. I was watching it and then bam?More than likely it is the power board circuit that is broken on the tv. You can email or call the manufacturer for a cost estimate, if you have no factory warranty left. More than likely it will not be cost effective in repair the tv than just buying a new one. This is a common issue on bargain price tvs. Panasonic makes the most reliable tv in the market today. Hope this will help you out10. why are my speakers not working?Check the monitor's OSD (on screen display, the menu for monitor settings). The computer does not need to be on for this. The monitor does need to be on. There are buttons precariously placed on the monitor. Push them to find the OSD. Push them to navigate through the OSD. Once in the OSD look for a place to enable the speakers. Look for a place to turn up the volume to the speakers. Look for a place to reset the OSD values back to there factory defaults. Some monitor buttons use LED lights on the monitor itself as a way to configure the monitor's settings. Its possible the audio cable from the computer to the monitor is broken. Its possible the computer is not configured to use it's sound card. OR The sound card could be broken. Test with a pair of headphones to see if the sound card outputs sound.11. Is it legal to have blue led lights on the bottom of a motorcycle?Where i live it is illegal to have blue lights period.the reasoning being that it is an official use light only,they dont want you looking like a cop,as if anyone could ever confuse the two.... I had blue lights on my bike,HAD being the key word.I was politely told at a gas station that it was a no no and to get it home asap. I see that on Harley's more and more though,it seems that is allowed or they are granted a bit more lee-way(sp) than the sport bike could be just the area i live in. blues and reds and frowned upon.
4 Winter Heating Maintenance Tips to Ensure Efficiency and Lower Energy Costs
Having a comfortable home is what we all want and dream for. Be it summer or winter if the temperature of the home is not cozy, it is going to give a lot of trouble and make us feel restless. So, in order to maintain a comfortable temperature at home during winter, you need to take care of the following four winter heating maintenance tips for your system. These tips will help you getting the assurance of efficiency and low energy cost. Because getting expensive services of heating repair can be heavy on pocket and moreover you need a consistent solution for your home. Having a good maintenance routine also brings lower costs during winter when you need the heating device to fully function day and night. So, let us scroll down and check out these amazing four tips that are easy and highly effective.Getting the fall servicing of your heating for cold temperature is a must and in order to get ready for the very low temperatures you need your heating system to be serviced by professionals. You must contact the e Arlington experts and fix a routine maintenance with them. They will perform the required tests and will thoroughly do the inspection in order to check it before the cold winter days come.Make sure to get the routine filter changes of the heating device done. It will help you in getting improved efficiency of your device and there will be less wear. It is also important for having the enhanced airflow and better efficiency of energy of your system. Heating service Arlington professionals will check and help you come over the troubles by changing the filters of the furnace on regular basis and will also help you in case of wear and tear so that the system performs flawlessly and gives you the heat that you need in winters.Cleaning up of the vents and the furnaces help in improving the life of a heating system and you must get it done by the professional Heating service experts. It will not only ensure efficiency but will improve the performance of the device. Having a clean heating system means less trouble in winter months and it is one of the best things that you can do in order to ensure the better functioning of your heating device. If the heating system is free from clutter and blockage it is going to run smooth. In order to do this you can remove the dust from the heating device often and get the regular maintenance.If your heating system is having trouble during the month of winter when it is too cold outside, you want the quickest solution and the reasons of these troubles are simple and you can even do that yourself. Check if the battery is low and other important yet simple things. In case you don't understand the problem, contact professional Heating service Arlington.The above mentioned are just the four major heating maintenance tips, if you need more such tips feel free to contact the professional experts of the industry. The experts will visit your place and inspect the heating system and guide you about the best maintenance tips. Hire only reputed service provider of the industry.
A Complete Guidebook to Help You Sell Scrap Metal
Metal reusing and rejecting is a rewarding business for some, particularly in intense financial occasions. While its a messy and conceivably perilous activity, high metal costs can direct enormous monetary returns. A scrap metal recycling business can wind upbringing in cash in two significant ways: Some individuals will pay you to pull away garbage which you would then be able to separate and offer to purchasers. Discover how to begin a piece of metal business to choose in the event that it very well may be a savvy venture of time and assets.A magnet is a scrappers closest companion. You will require this apparatus to recognize ferrous from nonferrous metals. Here are dependable guidelines to remember:In the event that the magnet sticks, you have a ferrous metal. Normal metals like steel and iron fall under this class. Furthermore, since theyre effectively accessible, ferrous metals wont add up to a lot. In any case, scrap yards despite everything acknowledge them for reusing and will pay you for them.On the off chance that the magnet doesnt stick, you have a nonferrous metal. Copper and aluminum are non-ferrous metals, and theyre worth more than the ferrous assortment for various reasons. They have more noteworthy obstruction against erosion, have higher conductivity, and weigh less.While you dont should be a metallurgist to reuse metals, you have to realize enough to distinguish the materials. Else, you will experience issues evaluating the estimation of your heap. Once you have established the metal and the price, it will be easier for you to dispose of it.Check out Alsifah trading, a leading scrap metal traders that offer you the best prices for scrap metal in Dubai. Just a call to them, and they will reach out to you, and help collect all the scrap metal.·RELATED QUESTIONIn The Empire Strikes Back, what were the original AT-ATs constructed from?In The Empire Strikes Back, what were the original AT-ATs constructed from?Imperial AT-ATs were manufactured by the Kuat Drive Yards (it is the largest military shipbuilding corporation in the galaxy at the time of the Galactic Civil War). KDY often catered exclusively to the Empire (and the Republic before it).AT-AT is covered with external 9095-T8511 grade durasteel armor. This armor is virtually impervious to all but the heaviest of artillery.Durasteel was a type of metal alloy used for a variety of purposes, ranging from combat armor to buildings. More resistant than standard steel but weaker than titanium, durasteel was often used for defensive plating on military vehicles and structures. Their most vulnerable area is the flexible neck, something the Rebels exploited during the Battle of Hoth.Fun fact, Fett's armor, Grievous' metal parts and Darth Vader's iconic armored suit are also made of Durasteel.In The Empire Strikes Back, what were the original AT-ATs constructed from?.
Battered Cyclist Ponders Value of a Ticket to Ride
KEN Anderson eases back the hospital blanket to reveal a left leg amputated from above the knee and a pelvis held together by a metal frame.He faces months of rehabilitation, sees everything in double because of bruising on his brain and is eager to have a prosthetic limb fitted to relieve the discomfort of phantom pains.He cannot recall anything of the day five weeks ago when he rode his bicycle to work and was involved in an accident with a truck in Swan Street, Richmond. But the severity of his injuries means he will never forget what it cost him, although he counts himself one of the fortunate ones.''I consider myself lucky to be alive,'' he said from his bed at the Epworth Hospital with wife Ruth and youngest son Jonathan beside him.Mr Anderson, 62, said he always knew cycling to work carried risks and had considered giving it away after countless scares and a fall he had last year when he damaged his wrist after being sent flying over his handlebars when a truck driver opened a door in front of him.''Every second day there'd be something that would happen on the way to work,'' Mr Anderson said.''It was usually on the way to work ... because drivers are in more of a hurry. Someone would pull out in front of me or cut me off around the corner and I'd have nowhere to go, and I'd have a feeling: 'Why am I really doing this? Is it worth it?'''Mr Anderson, who took more than a week to regain consciousness in The Alfred hospital after he was injured, said Melbourne had a long way to go before it could count itself a safe cycling city, and has vowed to contact the City of Yarra to urge improvements to infrastructure.He also believes the state government must consider mandatory licences for cyclists, which could increase respect between riders and motorists, with the revenue funnelled into better bike paths.''Drivers have to have more respect for cyclists and, in order to get that to work, the cyclists have to earn the respect,'' he said.''I'm coming to the conclusion a licence might be desirable. That allows ordinary kids and adults to ride on footpaths and in the parks ... a licence shows you know the road rules and it just shows you're one notch above the hoon cyclists.''Mr Anderson also suffered a lacerated spleen and nine broken ribs, but has been told he is making good progress in his recovery and is aiming to recover sufficiently to take his wife on a four-wheel-driving holiday.He has been told a prosthetic limb will allow him plenty of movement and let him live a relatively normal life, but admits his days of stress on a bike are probably behind him.''The jury's out on that. Ruth doesn't want me to and I'm not keen on it,'' he said.
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