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distinctly home furniture manufacturer is exclusively developed by Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.. We keep up with the industry dynamics, analyze market information, and collect customers' needs. By this means, the product is notable for its fashionable appearance. Produced by the exquisite craftsmanship, the product is of strong stability and superior durability. Besides that, it has received related quality certificates. Its quality can be totally guaranteed.Pinzheng Furniture's popularity has been increasing rapidly. Equipped with innovative technology and advanced facilities, we make the product be of fantastic durability and enjoys a very long service period. Many customers send e-mails or messages to express their thanks because they have gained much more benefits than before. Our customer base is gradually becoming greater and some customers travel across the world to pay a visit and cooperate with us.Pinzheng Furniture Manufacture is built to showcase our quality products and exquisite service. Our service is both standardized and individualized. A complete system from pre-sale to after-sale is established, which is to assure that every customer is served at each stage. When there are specific requirements on product customization, MOQ, delivery, etc., the service will be personalized.
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Question About a Viet Nam Zippo?
Assumptions as to it's authenticity aside and presuming it is not a facsimile ; you may very well have an historical curiosity . I would suggest you ply this question to the Zippo company themselves for , during the war Zippo made many limited production Zippos that were unit-specific and may have records and or advice as to authenticating the lighter - they often have production codes on the bottom of the lighter itself . The quote itself was in vogue at that time ; good luck and thank you for the respect shown to those who served - it is good to be remembered . . .1. what are the top 10 or 5 MUST HAVE items of 2008?Skinny Jeans Slouch Boots Cardigans Purple, Green, or Mustard Accessories (every page of Vogue had this) High-waisted anything2. Teen Magazines? Teen Vogue, Cosmo Girl, Seventeen...?Seventeen always has something about books, music, fashion, advice, and health issues. I analyzed Teen Vogue for an internship and I personally think that it needs an upgrade. Then again, Vogue is about fashion3. Teens-What do you want to grow up to be?Why?I am gonna be working for a degree in mass/communications and journalism cause I intend to be an editor hopefully for a high fashion magazine EX. allure, vogue..etc but im also gonna work for getting a degree in the medical field as a plan B but i am so confident with my first one, i wo not give up and ignore "Mexican Cellphone" based on other answers NOT a smart girl4. Free vogue handbag with paid subscription?Yeah you actually get it but personally i think the bag is kinda ugly5. Poll: GoGo's, Bangles, Bananarama, En Vogue or Spice Girls?go go's... though i did like the bangels quite a bit as well6. which make up we can use for a wedding girl?I am getting married this week. I tried looking in bridal magazines for ideas but all I found is fresh natural faces, which is an option but not what I wanted. So I got a nice big copy of Vogue and started flipping thru each page focusing on lipcolor and eyemakeup of the models. Before you knew it I had picked my color pallette for my face using 2 separate pictures. Of course you will want a more muted version of most of the looks. But it gave me fresh ideas7. What else can you come up with -if anything!?My daughter is 14, and lately she's been giving her friends these cute little mini hair straighteners (flat irons). They are about 5-6 inches long and they fit great in a purse or locker for emergency touch-ups. And they are just so cute! Everyone who sees one wants one. You can find them at most beauty supply stores for around $20-30. For magazines, you might also consider Cosmo Girl, Seventeen and Teen Vogue. Another fun gift: Get a cute tote bag and fill it with goodies that match the bag - flip flops, sunglasses, a matching top, jewelry, a fold-up hairbrush, compact mirror, etc. It does not cost a lot but it looks cool when everything inside matches. And girls always need a bag to carry stuff to school, sports practices, sleepovers, etc. Or how about making one of those no-sew fleece blankets (that you tie together) and a matching pillow? Great for snuggling on the couch or taking to sleepovers. My daughter has made one for all her friends and they use them all the time. Or how 'bout some cute pajamas and some really crazy slippers, boxed up with some magazines, nail polish kit, a chick-flick and some popcorn (sort of like a "slumber party" gift set). Or a really luxurious robe, wrapped up with some fancy-looking bath stuff, lotion and body powder? Just a few ideas.... hope this helps! But keep in mind, just because this girl is "in need" does not mean she does not want the same things that her more fortunate peers have. In fact, she wants them even more, because she can not easily get what everyone else has. Most needy children are provided with the essentials (toothpaste, socks, underwear, etc) by various charity groups... but as a generous individual, you have the chance to give her some things that she would really like but might never get. So think along the lines of what your daughter and her friends would like to receive. Aside from her financial situation, she's no different than them!
Ex-offenders Reveal the Ten Ways to Burglar Proof Your Home Before Heading Off on Holiday - Includin
Two former burglars have shared their tips on how to best protect your home from intruders.The ex-criminals, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, revealed the 10 steps all homeowners can take to secure their property, particularly before heading off on holiday.Some focus on ways to make your home look less appealing to potential intruders, including installing fake burglar alarms and security cameras outside.Others offer tips to safeguard yourself against becoming a target in the first place, like by reducing the amount of information you share on social media.The guide was created in partnership with Bark.com, a UK-based listings website for service professionals, which has seen a 42 per cent increase in the demand for home security services.Think you need to brush up on your home security? Scroll down to find out more...Take passports and driving licenses with you Criminals can easily commit identity fraud with this information. It's a modern-day crime that is less risky and growing in popularity.Be sure to take your key identity documents with you every time you go away on holiday, even if you don't need them to travel.Use a recording of a dog barking A dog's bark will make thieves think twice about breaking in. They'll think that someone else is in the house or that the dog will attract unwanted attention to them.Some home security companies offer alarms with these recordings built in.Install a deadlock The installation of a deadlock will make it a lot harder and time-consuming to pick a lock. In most cases, a burglar will move on when they realise they're up against a deadlock.Don't post on social media Too many people freely put information about their schedules on social media, which helps burglars when it comes to figuring out when to steal from a property.Check your home insurance policy too, as some may pay out less or not at all if you've published that you're away on social media.Keep on top of your gardening If the lawn is freshly mowed, then burglars will question whether a house is in fact vacant. It also gets rid of any potential hiding spots.Burglars will watch houses for a few days to see patterns of the occupants so it's a good idea to hire a gardener to come around whilst you're away.Install CCTV Like with burglar alarms, these don't always need to be functioning. If a burglar is casing your home, they'll likely avoid yours because of the increased risk of getting caught.Make sure keys are hidden from sight If someone can see keys from your window they're more likely to break in. Keys will also give intruders access to other areas of your home, such as your garage, and your car.Buy motion activated lights These lights will come on when anyone comes near your property, making sure that burglars can't break in without being seen.They might also be enough to attract the attention of neighbours if you are away.Put WD-40 on your window sills An unconventional but effective way to get rid of thieves trying to get in your home. The WD-40 will make it difficult for them to grip and use the window sill to climb into your home.
Child Abuse. - Help Please!?
Child Abuse. - help please!?sometimes it can be a nasty neighbor who want to get your parents in trouble for whatever reason. If they hear yelling and screaming coming from your house or apartment, they are likely to report it— — — — — —Screaming a form of child abuse?In my opinion it is. Now that is not to say that I have never yelled at my kids, I have. But I also know that I am the one who loss control and as the parent/adult I think it is my job not to loose that control. Let me ask you what it would feel like to you to have your spouse/parent/boss yell at you. How would you really feel? Humiliated? Scared? Is it abusive to make your child humiliated and scared? I think it is— — — — — —Why am I scared of child abuse?OMG i feel the same way, I HATE for my father to be around them bc i know what he has done to m, they would never be alone with him.. I am the exact same, i wish u luck because it gets to the mind sometimes— — — — — —Seriously, is this considered child abuse?1. Being 5-10 feet from your car and leaving them in is not abuse. I would not got through a door, however, and leave my kids in the car. 2. Having kids hold each others hands is not abuse. I have twin 4 years olds. Sometimes, when leaving a store with full hands I will hold the hand of one and ask the more responsible one to hold his brothers hand. I do not see a problem. 3. I have no opinion on vaccinations, but do not most schools require them to be vaccinated before entering kindergarten? 4. Time out: I think a half hour is wayyyy too long for a toddler/preschooler. I would not go so far as calling it abuse, but it is too long. I think one minute per year of the child i appropriate as far as sitting there doing nothing. Now taking the TV or making them stay inside or something is a different story, but if they are staying in one spot doing nothing, I think it should be a matter of minutes. Personally, time out does not work with my kids, what does work is a sticker chart where they get stickers when they are good, and get them taken away when they are bad. When the get a certain number of stickers, we go buy a hot wheel or some other treat. 5. That's just rediculous. I do not know where that question came from? I would hope people would take more interest in their children's well being but have you actually heard of someone getting in trouble for this?— — — — — —Omg is this considered child abuse?If this is your friend's family member---then how do you know so much about what is going on in her life.... it is not child abuse and everyone raises their children differently. Albeit, i would never raise my children like this woman is, but that is her choice and really none of your business.— — — — — —Child abuse, especially baby abuse?I think it's harder when you have your own children. You do not understand how someone could harm a baby when you love yours so much that you would give your life for them. I look at my son daily and thank God for him but when I see these articles online or hear about abuse on the news my heart just breaks for those poor babies. Just be aware of your surroundings. If you see anything sketchy report it to CPS or the police. Also, are there any awareness groups in your area? Look into those if there and if there is not start one up.— — — — — —Cultural differences: Is this Child abuse?I remember my dad beating me with a electric wire when i was sleeping because i forgot to lock the door at night i was like 10 LOL, Child abuse is when spanking steps outta line, where your literally torturing your kid for no apparent reason— — — — — —Don't you call this child abuse?Your parents are controlling you. It is not right but my Mom was like this and now that I am older we barely speak, it is either her way or the highway. She would not let me spend the night with my friends or go out with certain guys unless I begged her.I think that your parents should let you do what you love or let you at least try. The only thing I can think of is that they are worried that you may get hurt in football, but you can get hurt riding horses just as easily. I would turn the guy in for whipping his horse-that is ANIMAL ABUSE and CRUELTY. You need to turn him in, he probably beats his kids and his wife too. If I see anyone hurting an animal I call the police!
What Type of Questions Are Asked in the Written Test and in an Interview for Exicom, and What Is the
What type of questions are asked in the written test and in an interview for Exicom, and what is the procedure for hiring an ECE student?Well I can help you in this case— — — — — —What are some tips for easily increasing test scores on the GMAT?HOW TO PASS THE GMAT IN 30 DAYS.I am Lora Cross. I found some GMAT preparation methods from Meghan Quinn's f/r/e/e ebo0k: MBAtips888. com/2020/01/top-31-tips-to-get-gmat-760-score. html. Meghan Quinn is a famous CFO from KPMG in Honolulu, USA.1- Study every day. According to Meghan Quinn's advice, Start with the GMAT Official Guide to get a broad overview, and try to work on it consistently; even if you do not complete it (you should use a variety of resources). Even if you are working full time, you will need at least a couple hours in the morning and/or evening. Make sure you are sleeping, but if you can take time off work, do. Do not cram on the weekends only - that might work if you had 6 months, but with only one month to study, you will need to do at least some GMAT every single day.An easy time save is during your commute: if you take public transit, you can read or do problems on the bus / train / Uber pool. If you drive, you can listen to some content on a podcast or e-book. Use flash cards at red lights or just recite prime numbers while waiting to merge into traffic. At home, ask your spouse or roommate to ask you questions or discuss interesting problems with your brother or mother. There are many ways to incorporate GMAT studying into your everyday life without sitting at a desk and running problems every night. Mix it up for a month and you will feel immersed in the world of GMAT. And this makes sense; it should be your number one priority of your one-month GMAT study plan. 2- Identify weaknesses immediately. According to Meghan Quinn, So, what do you really need to focus on? Math skills super rusty? No idea how to approach Critical Reasoning? Ca not get through a Reading Comprehension passage in less than 4 minutes? There's an APP for that. And by APP, we mean Applied Practice Problems. Most of these problems are caused by long periods of time not using these concepts. But if you practice early and often, you can turn those perceived weaknesses into strengths.Depending on the area you struggle with, you can employ different strategies to get up to speed. Arithmetic got you down? Learn your multiplication tables by heart. Struggle with algebra? Do some FOILing exercises. Ca not get through Reading Comprehension passages? Read the Economist (or the Failing New York Times). We all inherently have some topics that are easier for us and others that are more challenging. The sooner you see your strengths and weaknesses objectively, the faster you can begin to modify your one month study plan for the GMAT.3- Study in short blocks, rotating concepts.According to Meghan Quinn, The biggest danger in your "Month of GMAT" is the risk of complete burn out. If you study only Quant for 7 hours on 4 hours of sleep, you will definitely fry your brain. Try to "hit" at least 3 different question-types each day. Maybe you do 1.5 hours of Reading, then 2 hours of Quant earlier in the day, take a break for a few hours, and come back to do 2 hours of Sentence Correction. We would discourage you from spending more than 2 hours on any one concept. It makes it harder for your brain to retain information, and you can quickly hit a saturation point where nothing new is registering.The burn out risk is similar to exercising at the gym. A lot of people are motivated on day 1, but quite a few drop out by day 15 or 30. You can study GMAT all day every day for maybe a week, then your friends want to grab a drink, a new episode of the Voice is on, or a million other distractions pull you away from the task at hand. You will not successfully study for the GMAT in one month if you hate every second of it. Turn it into a game and give yourself rewards, e.g. a candy bar, an hour of television, etc. The goal is to keep yourself motivated and interested, and the prospect of admission in 6 months or a degree in 3 years is not immediate enough for your brain to care.4- Review more than you think you need to. According to Meghan Quinn, Use the 40/60 rule. 40% maximum of your time should be spent actually answering questions. At minimum, 60% of your time should be spent reviewing incorrect questions, analyzing your strategies, reading up on Sentence Correction grammar, watching instructional Math videos, reading witty blogs, etc. These students are missing out on probably the most important part of the studying process: reviewing your mistakes. Especially if you are planning on preparing for the GMAT in only one month, you do not have time for such inefficient preparation. Imagine being a GMAT tutor, and someone sends you a list of questions they got wrong, and every other question involved factoring. Would it not be reasonable to tell this person that they need to review the concepts of factoring? Since you will often be acting as your own tutor, it falls upon you to make these kinds of observations. On any typical practice GMAT, making the same kind of mistake in more than one question generally indicates a gap in your knowledge. Many questions are difficult to interpret, or have tempting trap answers, but you will find weaknesses much faster by reviewing your work after a quick break than by jumping in and doing more problems again. We usually recommend a couple of hours between the exam and the review. No one wants to make a dumb mistake, but we all do them sooner or later. However making 1-2 dumb mistakes instead of 5-10 will increase your score by tens or even hundreds of points.One more suggestion for reviewing quant problems: whenever possible, look to change some arguments in the problem and see what happens. The question is asking you to divide by four, what would happen if you divided by eight instead. Or you have 3^3, what would happen if you had 3^4. We find that looking at five variations of the same question typically yields more information than doing five disparate problems. After all, just because you answer 1 million questions does not guarantee you a 750.According to Meghan Quinn, You should plan to take a minimum of 4 full length practice tests, including your diagnostic exam. You will probably need to "feel out" the pacing for the Verbal and Quant sections. It can be brutal, so do not be surprised if you do not finish one or both of them your first couple attempts.The final week or two, you might consider taking two practice tests per week, especially if you still do not have the timing down. Like anything else in life, to alleviate the nerves, you should practice. Public speaking is daunting, until you've done it 20 times and it's mundane and pedestrian. First dates are intimidating, until you've been on 50 of them and they become ordinary and predictable.Finally, stay positive. Recognize that what you are undertaking is (1) hyyuuuuge , and (2) admirable. Let the looming deadline motivate you to do as well as you possibly can. If you do not get the score you wanted, you've already set yourself with a solid base for the inevitable rematch (think Rocky II). Sometimes your studying may feel like three steps forward, two steps back, but now with one month of preparation, you can give the GMAT your best shot.
Multiple Choice: Which Wonderful Discovery Has Given Us Our Incredible Standard of Living and Prospe
C. OIL! Most can not wrap their heads around the idea that oil is not just the perfect bio-fuel (look it up, ) but it occurs naturally and does not cost billions to develop only to be available for clown cars. So many materials come from oil, it's a wonder people hate it so much. That Prius would come to a screeching halt were it not for oil. You still need grease and oil to help it run and last. Tires and plastics come from oil. Oil is good, oil is right. Oil is the ultimate bio-fuel. That's why Liberals hate it so much, because it makes us powerful and it helps put people to work. Maybe that's why Obama is trying to shut down all oil production and prevent future exploration.1. superchager or turbos 1997 4.6 thunderbird?for your set up a supercharger would provide more power for acceleration. superchargers give nearly instant boost but tapering off earlier in the power band. Where turbos need time to spool which gives turbo lag but give more power in the higher RPM bands. where your car is a smaller V-8 it doesnt wrap RPM like a little 4 banger nor does it like to be up in that 5-6K range for very long. Since Ford used this motor also in the Mustang you should be able to find plenty of parts to do either one. a supercharger will also be cheaper and easier to install and working right where a turbo will possibly require a lot more little things a turbo needs its own ecosystem to run they are more finicky about cooling, fuel, exhaust and most cars dont do well adding an aftermarket turbo.2. Have you ever been a victim of crime while visiting the UK; if so what happened?About five years ago, someone nicked my bike, the roofbars off my car and the petrol out of the tank of the car. They were not very bright. I know this because they drilled a hole in the bottom of the tank with an electric drill even though the filler cap door had fallen off and there was not lock on the filler cap itself. I put twenty quids worth of fuel in that car before I noticed it seeping accross the forecourt. Before that, never. Since then - credit card fraud by someone who travelled from the USA to Spain, where they were arresting useing the hotel address on my bank statement. Thieves really do seem to be idiots these days - gives new meaning to the phrase "As thick as thieves."3. Is this a sign of a bad fuel pump or fuel filter?and easy way to check things,,take the fuel filter off first,,try blowing through it,,if you can not feel air coming through,theirs your problem,,,but it sounds more like a fuel pump4. guide-5-cleaning-a-fuel-tank-diesel-fuelGuide #5 Cleaning a Fuel Tank This guide provides general information needed to clean a fuel tank. It is assumed that this is a tank that has shown some to many of the typical symptoms of contamination, such as: Visibly dark or black fuel Signs of floating debris in the fuel Fuel filters covered with black and/or slime Unusually short fuel filter life Sludge in the tank Water in the tank Smoke coming from engine exhaust All storage tanks naturally accumulate water, solids and sludge resulting from condensation and the degradation of fuel and oil. The more fuel we turn over through a tank, the more debris and water will accumulate in the bottom. The Algae-X Mobile Tank Cleaning System is compact, easy to operate and extremely versatile. This is extremely important for all applications of longterm fuel storage, especially emergency power generators. Algae-X has a range of mobile tank cleaning systems to address every size tank. Although the process may vary slightly between very small tanks and very large tanks, this guide will describe the problem and the process so that a professional commercial tank cleaning enterprise as well as a do-ityourselfer will benefit from understanding the process and procedures. The Algae-X systems can be divided into categories based on two determining factors: 1. Use the proper system for the size tank(s) to be cleaned: a. Use the TK-180 Portable Tank Cleaning (PTC) System to clean tanks up to 1,000 gallons. Before After
What Do You Feed Turtles?
what do you feed turtles?Turtle pellets/ petsmart sales something that has 3 varieties, turtle food/shrimp and krill. you can also give it baby goldfish/feeder fish. They love to catch their own food (make sure the fish is small).— — — — — —what is the Texas Map Turtles diet?turtle aquariums are a little different from the ordinary fish aquariums that are commonly kept in homes. For one, the turtles grow much bigger than they seem. Most new pet-owners mistakenly believe that the small sized baby turtle they see at the pet shop is not going to get much larger. A glass aquarium of 25-50 gallons or more is most suitable for turtle. and happy ealry b-day.— — — — — —Hello*!... my boyfriend is turning 22 on the 19 November 2013.. I really have nou clue what to get him for his?Sex and turtles, obviously. And meat, men love meat— — — — — —my baby 1 inch (RES) turtle was lost 3 weeks ago , in my hose , and i found it today, its dehydrated, ???try blood worms, my babies love them and they are small enough for turtles this size— — — — — —is there a type of turtle....?The smallest legal ones are mud, musk, male map, and Reeves' turtles. Some subspecies of painted turtle stay small too. Any of these could be kept in a 55-gallon long tank, plastic wading pool, or a 40-gallon breeder tank.— — — — — —Will my turtle be okay?2 weeks is not truthfully as long as you will possibly be able to desire to think of for a field turtle to no longer consume, yet you elect for to get her ingesting interior of right here couple of days, or you will possibly be able to might desire to look for suggestion from with a vet approximately rigidity feeding and to have her appeared at for ailment. She has maximum probable sensed the replace in seasons and her metabolism is slowing down. To get her to ingesting returned: make optimistic that the temperature in the tank is 80 to 80 5 ranges F(27-30ish C), with a somewhat warmer basking spot, ideally. make optimistic that the lighting fixtures in her enclosure are on 14 hours an afternoon. make optimistic that she has a perfect reptile UVA/UVB gentle with 5% UVB output; you will get them at a common puppy keep. This gentle is likewise needed for perfect shell develop. In essence, what you elect for to do is simulate the exterior in the summertime, and except she is sick, which you are no longer describing her as being, she ought to start ingesting returned quickly. additionally, that's in all danger a good theory to soak her in Luke heat water on a regular basis to verify hydration, and in basic terms be optimistic you are retaining her enclosure humid. I see which you as much as date your question, yet you have not any longer suggested no count number in case you save the sunshine on 14 hours an afternoon, it is the main mandatory ingredient for making them think of that that's summer season. you will possibly be able to desire to look for suggestion from with a vet, rather in the experience that your turtle has been dropping weight. returned, in basic terms be optimistic you are retaining the humidity in the enclosure extreme; decide for no less than 60% relative humidity and save attempting to get her to consume. that's quite helpful to attempt rigidity feeding her. the cyber web internet site I even have placed a hyperlink to decrease than has some counsel on the difficulty, and that i advise which you examine it in case you have not any longer already. She has in all danger lost too lots weight at this component for brumation(hibernation) to be a good determination. Do look for suggestion from with a vet quickly in case you have not any longer already.— — — — — —Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers?power rangers ofcourse! :D— — — — — —not a question...just don't buy turtles on vacation please!?I hate summer time it is when I end up overrun with turtles that people buy without researching and I have to spend months to get them to semi-normalcy. I currently have 16 turtles of my own both land and water. And now I have 11 "fosters" that I am nursing I got 3 hatchling boxies that someone was keeping in a tank of water and these are land turtles! And I just got an adult Sulcata tortoise who was bought on the beach at 4th of July and being kept in a cardboard box because the person who sold it told them tortoises did not need light or to run around/ I will probably have these turtles for years before anyone offers to adopt them since they are not cute and furry. Turtles are not a beginner pet they are VERY expensive to get a proper habitat up and running.
My Mercury 1973 (1972.5) Comet Isn't Running Very Well. I Think It's the PCV Valve, Seals, Guides, O
My Mercury 1973 (1972.5) Comet isn't running very well. I think it's the PCV valve, seals, guides, or rings?The PCV valve should be connected to an intake port. The rings can be tested using a compression gauge and a squirt can of oil. Remove all of the plugs, have the throttle wide open and connect the tester to the plug holes one at a time. Check the reading then squirt a tablespoon or so of oil into the plug hole. Then rerun the test. If the reading did not change then the rings are fine. If the compression reading increases the rings are leaking. Not sure what coil you installed but they come in different voltages and the ballasts could be different as well. I would check it to be sure it will work right in your car.— — — — — —What is the deal with wedding rings and engagement rings?Often you get a diamond (or other stone) engagement ring, then after you get married you wear a band (which can also have stones) on the inside and the engagement ring next to it. We had trouble finding wedding bands that matched my engagement ring, and if we had not found one, I would just have taken it off or worn it on my right hand. My aunt has been happily married 20 years, she has an engagement ring, wedding ring, and anniversary ring, somedays she wears all 3, 1 or 2 of them, or none at all. Personal preference.— — — — — —Should I read Lord of the Rings even though I didnu2019t like The Hobbit?I never really like the Hobbit either. Something about drunk elves that seems really off putting to me. I read it before the first film was released, but I probably wo not read it again. The lord of the rings and the Silmarillion however?? Those I love. So just give it a try and the songs and poems are a bit tedious, just skip them— — — — — —Can a girl propose to the guy?1) Wedding ring/band is the same thing 2) The engagement ring is different. Engagement ring usually has the stone (most popular choice is diamond) and the wedding band is usually plain. 3) He proposes with the engagement ring. If she proposes, there's usually no ring, as men do not tend to wear engagement rings. 4) The rings are often bought in sets, but if not, you buy the wedding ring whenever you want, taking into consideration whether or of the ring will need to be resized/engraved/etc. 5) The couple usually buy each other's rings. 6) We do not do "licenses" as such here, but we did have to sign a "Notice of Intended Marriage" at least a month and a day before the wedding, as we will as signing more paperwork on the day. 7) No, you are not married yet. There's more paperwork to sign afterwards and the license has to be signed by the officiant. 8) Some women put their engagement ring on their right hand, some leave it on their left. 9) A cheap ring varies from person to person, your expectations of stone type/size/etc. but a few hundred would be cheap. 10) if you buy both, they will be in the same style, it may be cheaper than two separate rings and its convenient to have both at once. 11) Same as 10 Girls do propose. I do not see why, in this day and age, she should not . Though I know some people are very traditional, so depends on the people involved.— — — — — —silver rings?A great place to get Sterling Silver Rings is at Anxietyspinnerrings.com— — — — — —Engagement ring issue, some advice?I got some jewelry cleaner and a little machine at Walmart. I let the rings vibrate in the cleaning solution for a few minutes and then I use a toothbrush and a toothpick to degunk. Then I rinse them off with water and they are all nice and clean. Personally, I would not put my rings in boiling anything, it could loosen the settings.— — — — — —How much would it cost roughly to get new pistons and rings put in in a YZ250, at the shop? What are they?you are looking at about $500, the piston is the block of aluminum that travels up and down inside the cylinder to turn the crankshaft, the rings are literaly rings that go around the piston to seal it to the sides of the cylinder
Led Zeppelin United Kingdom Tour 1968
Led Zeppelin United Kingdom Tour 1968Led Zeppelin's 1968 tour of the United Kingdom was the first concert tour of the United Kingdom by the English rock band. It commenced on 4 October and concluded on 20 December 1968. For some of these early shows, the band were billed as the "New Yardbirds". Press releases eventually announced that they would make their debut under the name 'Led Zeppelin' on October 25 at the University of Surrey (although posters advertising this concert erroneously continued to bill them as the 'New Yardbirds'). During this tour the band went to Olympic Studios in London to record their debut album, which took a mere 36 studio hours. There was very little press reaction to this tour. The band's debut London concert at the Roundhouse on November 9 doubled as singer Robert Plant's wedding reception. Jeff Beck attended the Canterbury show on 13 December. "Things went slightly wrong!" he recalled to Jimmy Page. "Your ing amp blew up and I went, 'What is up with that, Jim?' And then I realised it was my amp, because my roadie had moonlighted and rented Jimmy my equipment! And he would changed the impedance on the back so it sounded like a pile of shit! But I could see the potential. It was just amazing - blew the house down, blew everybody away."— — — — — —Just curious...... which ones do you like better?Led Zeppelin for sure! I love Run DMC, but I am a huge Zeppelin fan. Also, I think dark denim skinny jeans are great! You should definitely get a pair. Very versatile. I bought some sequined Cons, but the sequins started falling off the first time I wore them. I do not recommend them. Very cute, but you will constantly be repairing them— — — — — —Who are ur 20 favorite rock and roll bands?1. The Beatles 2. Queen 3. Paul McCartney and The Wings 4. The Bee Gees 5. The Rolling Stones 6. Led Zeppelin 7. The Who 8. The Doors 9. ACDC 10. Police— — — — — —Music Survey: ______ or _______ ?1. Falling in Reverse. 2. asdfhfk I do not know D: I listen to Asking Alexandria more. 3. Metallica 4. ACDC 5. Nirvana 6. Led Zeppelin 7. urgh. Kiss? 8. Bring Me The Horizon 9. Blood on the Dance Floor— — — — — —Match the lyrics with the band & song?1. bohemian rhapsody 2. broad statement but I think metallica or pantera (cemetary gates??) 3. lol no idea 4. kiss :* 5. dunno 6. led zeppelin? 7. brick in the wall. great song 8. judas priest 9. made up my mind to make a new start 10. queen again?— — — — — —what are your favorite songs??Everything and anything that Led Zeppelin performed. Also, throw in all the Metallica, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Santana stuff too— — — — — —Can you name a band for each letter of your username?Big D and the Kids Table Red Hot Chili Peppers Aquabats! Necrophobic Nirvana Infectious Grooves Bad Religion Aerosmith Led Zeppelin— — — — — —Zeppelin LZ 66Zeppelin LZ 66, Imperial German Navy serial L 23, took part in 51 reconnaissance missions during World War I and on 21 August 1917 it was shot down by Second Lt Bernard A. Smart, flying a Sopwith Pup— — — — — —I want to get into some new bands...?Why not listen to music.Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Journey, or The Rolling Stones— — — — — —Poll: What are your top five favorite bands?1. The Doors 2. Steppenwolf 3. Led Zeppelin 4. The Who 5. Lynyrd Skynyrd— — — — — —Zeppelin-Lindau Rs.IIIThe Zeppelin-Lindau Rs.III (known incorrectly postwar as the Dornier Rs.III) was a large four-engined monoplane flying boat designed by Claudius Dornier and built during 1917 on the German side of Lake Constance at the Zeppelin-Lindau works.— — — — — —How big was the zeppelin the Hindenburg?Apparently pretty big, about 6 feet, six inches. Paul von Hindenburg is on the left in this photo:Or did you mean the zeppelin? If I misunderstood what you were asking about, my apologies. You might be able to get a better answer from Google. hindenburg - Google Search.— — — — — —Looking for the ultimate song list for an ipod?anthrax slayer metallica megadeth testament poison quiet riot Boston Kansas Styx led zeppelin black sabbath creedence Clearwater revival Eric Clapton jethro Tull gothic slam jimi Hendrix foreigner electric light orchestra reo speedwagon the kinks zz top yngwie malmsteen rush eagles steppenwolf black sabbath journey nightranger Bon jovi van halen motrhead autograph tin machine over kill kreator children of bodom death exodus evile gama bomb wintersun stratovarius sacred Reich etc
Other Music
Other musicDuring the opening teaser, a cover version of the 1965 Beach Boys song "California Girls", performed by Gidea Park (a tribute band), is used during a chase in which Bond snowboards; it has been suggested that this teaser sequence helped initiate interest in snowboarding. The film features Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, which is performed during the reception that Bond attends undercover at Zorin's stud in France. In the remastered CD edition, the third track is incorrectly labeled "May Day Jumpers" on the back of the case.— — — — — —Fight song and other musicFirst used for Giants radio broadcasts on KSFO, the team's fight song "Bye, Bye Baby!" is currently used following any Giants home run. The song is played in the stadium, and an instrumental version is played on telecasts when the inning in which the home run was hit concludes. The title and chorus "Bye bye baby!" coming from famed former Giants broadcaster Russ Hodges, which was his home run call. Following a Giants home win, Tony Bennett's "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" is played in Oracle Park in celebration. If the Giants are leading after the 8th inning, they play Journey's "Lights". If they are trailing, they play Journey's "Do not Stop Believin'".— — — — — —Use in other music genresRon Korb ( () or phonetically translated to ""), born in Toronto, Canada, is the first renowned western musician playing dizi along with numerous other world woodwinds. He graduated from the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto with an honors degree in performance. On many of his recordings, he uses the dizi as the lead instrument. He has also used dizi in the film soundtracks of The White Countess, Relic Hunter, China Rises, and Long Life, Happiness, & Prosperity— — — — — —Other Music ProjectsWhile not touring and recording with his bands, Noveskey lends his services as a bassist, songwriter, vocalist and record producer to other recording artists, such as Wesley Lunsford & The Selfless Season. In January 2008 he formed a production company called 116 Producers with producer/engineer Chuck Alkazian. The duo works with some of the brightest upcoming talent in the music business today, mainly recording out of Detroit and Austin. Several of the artists Noveskey produces have signed to major labels, won awards, achieved chart success and had their songs placed in movies and television shows. In addition to producing young talent, Noveskey is the proprietor of Wanderlust Artist Management and Promotion, a company that manages and promotes the artists he produces. His current roster includes the bands I Am Dynamite, Dossey and Courrier. Matt also manages Dalton Rapattoni who finished third on American Idol, and he also produced Rapattoni's debut solo album Nobody's Home. In 2012 Noveskey along with Blue October's guitarist C.B. Hudson, broke ground on Orb Recording Studios, a world class residential recording studio in Austin, which opened in 2013. In 2014 Orb Studios was selected as Austin's best recording studio in the Austin Music Industry Awards. Noveskey also tours as a solo artist, often sharing the stage with friends such as Justin Furstenfeld, Joseph King, Jeff Crowder, Wesley Lunsford, Ryan Holley, Casey McPherson, Paco Estrada and Johnny Goudie. Matt's solo sets contain a mix of his solo songs, (a)machines songs, Blue October songs and covers. He is often accompanied by his (a)machines bandmate Ryan Holley. In 2014, Noveskey joined the band Harvard of the South with Steve Schiltz of Longwave and Justin and Jeremy Furstenfeld of Blue October. Harvard of the South has completed recording an album, however due to most of the members being busy with Blue October, the album has yet to be released. Matt has also toured and played shows as a live member of The Meeting Place, The Paco Estrada Band, Megan Becker Band, and Alpha Rev. He produced and played bass on Paco Estrada's album Bedtime Stories and also played bass on Estrada's live album Dancing With The Devil, both of which were recorded at Noveskey's Orb Studios. Matt also plays bass in the Ryan Delahoussaye-fronted side project The Meeting Place. Noveskey is a celebrity endorser of Fender basses, Aguilar bass amps, Michael Kelly acoustic basses, Old School FX pedals and Black Diamond strings, and the first Moniker bass guitar was custom-built for Noveskey in 2013. He also is a member of the advisory board for Black Fret, an Austin-based organization that finds and funds local music talent. In 2019 Matt started working with Alan Adams on a new musical project called Icarus Bell. They began recording their debut album in 2020, which features contributions from Paco Estrada, Will Knaak and Ryan Delahoussaye.
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